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Third Floor: Simulation Center

A Brief Tour

As you walk through the entrance doors of the Simulation Teaching And Research (STAR) Center, you'll think you've been transported right onto a hospital ward. From a prep-scrubbing station, to a critical care unit, to operating rooms and surgical tools, the STAR Center brings the real-world healthcare experience to campus.

Our students can help deliver a baby, answer a code blue to resuscitate a cardiac patient, intubate a child suffering from an asthma attack, perform laparoscopies, take patient vitals, and more...all using simulation technology and equipment designed specifically for teaching and practice development.

More highlights of the NWCNHS STAR Center include:

  • Eight simulation patient rooms emulating actual operating rooms and primary care clinics with the full-complement of diagnostic equipment for advance nursing practice
  • A 15-bed critical care unit, complete with nurses station and bedside hospital equipment, that can be divided into two separate teaching labs for basic nursing skills instruction
  • Gaumard Scientific's "Family of Five" - mother, father, two children and newborn - and Laerdal SimMan® patient simulators used in the instruction of adult, pediatric and advanced patient care. These patient simulators are capable of physically and vocally manifesting a variety of symptoms. The expectant mother patient simulator even gives birth!
  • Three control rooms for operating computerized patient care scenarios and monitoring students' progress through closed circuit television
  • Two debriefing rooms for reviewing, evaluating and discussing outcomes of the day's simulations